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Cutting though the Crap: What you really need to know about reaching your fitness or performance target.

Coach Tom Dueber

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Tom Dueber has developed a proprietary system based on the 15 Laws of Fitness focusing on the process of forming good habits and setting the right goals to help people of all ages achieve success.  Although the program has it's roots in fitness and sports performance, Tom has helped people from all walks of life achieve fitness, personal and professional success.

As an athlete Tom was an all-state football player and all-conference track athlete, won 3 football state championships and a college football conference championship.  During that time his coaches taught him the importance of not only the physical skills to be a successful athlete, but also life skills like:

  • Proper goal setting.
  • The role failure plays in achieving success.
  • Learning from mistakes. 
  • Working toward a team goal bigger than one's self.
  • Controlling things within our control.
  • Controlling our reactions to things outside our control.

The combination of Tom's time as an athlete, professional experiences, and technical training combined to help him form the All-Age Performance Training System™.  The system treats members of a team as individuals helping them make progress set, and achieve process-oriented goals at a pace appropriate for their experience, ability and over-all life and professional targets.  Whether an individual wishes to prepare for the college or a new career, professional success or is looking to contribute right away at their current level, All-Age Performance Training adapts to that person.

Tom has spoken to teams, coaches and service groups and organizations about the importance of adapting  programs and environments based on the needs of individuals, especially within a team setting.  He has helped many organizations increase performance, improve team-member participation by creating a fun, productive environment where goals are regularly exceeded.

Tom is a member of the Positive Coaches alliance, enjoys coaching competitive youth soccer, hiking, and working on his home in Longmont, Colorado.
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The Success Formula: Creating a great team by finding the best process for each person.

Creator of the All-Age Performance Training System™

Nationally Accredited Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM-PES)
Nationally Accredited Youth Exercise Specialist (NASM-YES)
Stop Sports Injury Affiliate Partner
Nationally Recognized Youth Sports Injury Reduction Specialist
Founding Member at Canyon Performance Training

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Tom Dueber

Speaking & Training Topics

Tom Dueber

All-Age Performance Training System™

Targets vs Goals: Setting controllable goals to reach attainable targets.

Creating a Culture of Confidence: An inclusive environment where all people can be successful.

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