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Why most resistance training programs increase injury risk and how to fix it while increasing performance.

Coach Tom Dueber

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Designer of the All-Age Performance Training System™

Nationally Accredited Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM-PES)
Nationally Accredited Youth Exercise Specialist (NASM-YES)
Stop Sports Injury Affiliate Partner
Nationally Recognized Youth Sports Injury Reduction Specialist
Founding Member at Canyon Performance Training

Designing and implementing an appropriate and effective off-season Age Group Training Program.

Reduce sports related injury by up to 50%.

All-Age Performance Training System™

When should a young athlete start a resistance training program and what should it look like?

Speaking Topics

Changes your team or club can make right now to increase athlete performance and safety.

The 10 simple things every athlete can do to help prevent common sports injuries.

Tom has been working with youth and adult athletes since 2001.  Where many programs change based only on an athlete’s sport, his proprietary All-Age Performance Training System™ adapts to the biomechanical differences between boys and girls, elementary, middle and high school age kids and college and professional athletes.  Coach Tom has studied how these differences can affect sports performance, over-use and other preventable injuries and mental toughness during sports participation. 

Tom founded Canyon Performance Training to help athletes of all ages find success in their sports while staying healthy.  Although many of Tom’s athletes have gone on to have successful careers and play at top NCAA schools and professional levels, others have used the experience to prevent injuries and have fun competing at every level of youth sports.  Canyon Performance Training also teaches other coaches and professionals how to design All-Age Performance programs for their own teams and athletes.

Tom has spoken to teams, coaches and service groups about the importance of adapting sports performance programs based on gender and age and worked with numerous school and club teams on All-Age Performance Training and Injury Risk Reduction Programs.  Tom, through Canyon Performance Training, has helped teams increase performance while reducing injury risk by up to 50%.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys coaching competitive youth soccer, hiking, and working on his home in Longmont, Colorado.
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Coach Tom Dueber

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Coach Tom Dueber

How to effectively periodize a sports performance program for different Age Groups.

On-field/ court, in-season Age Group Training programs.